Vicky's Nail Salon - 510-263-9848
Vicky's Nail Salon - 510-263-9848
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Vicky’s Hair & Nails Salon has been an Alameda favorite more than 10 years.


A full service salon Vicky’s is open 7 days a week including Holidays


We wish to thank all our long time customers for their loyal support over the years and welcome future customers with open arms!


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Nail Section-Vicky Salon

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Holiday seasons
Holidays are coming; the Vicky’s Nails Salon is ready for special time of year to serve clients new ones by offering new treatments and services to help clients look their best for upcoming get-together. Pumpkin for manicure and pedicure, for face, body and soul- is an organic skin care that is always present in Vicky’s Nails Salon. Oxygen treatment is very popular during the holiday season is known for its revitalizing properties that leave skin with a vibrant glow and using stimulating ingredients with a vigorous massage to enhance circulation within the skin while delivering vital nutrients. This treatment leaves the client with a rosy glow and even skin tone.

Visit to Vicky’s Nails Salon, welcome, salute, bonjour all clientele.
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901 Central Ave., Alameda, CA. 94501 - Tel: 510-263-9848

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